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Hat Goddess

You Deserve Beauty in Your Home

Commission Amy Dawn
How Did You Get Up There


Annika’s Kite

Greeting Cards

Bunny Goddess

  • The Art of Amy D. Kotel

Winged Insects, OOOMMMM Get Off My Lawn, Summer Night, City Feet

Worm Goddess/Earth Goddess, Hands Abstract, Eye See, I See, Nude, Witnessing

Amy Uses Water Color, Color Pencil, Multi Medium Collages, and Some Soft Sculpture/ Paper Mache’

3 of Wands, How Did you Get Up There, Heart Felt Clown Love, Party People

Heart Abstract, Sea Abstract, Old CoCo and the Ball, Water Bear Abstract, Opposite Energy Abstract, People and… Collage

Feathery ,Hat Goddess, Knocked UP, My Hat

Water Goddess, Thank You Sun, Coy, Nude with Feather, Hey Sailor

Desert Bird, Winter Owl, The Magic Spatula, Magic Sunrise Owl, Red 2, Annika’s Kite (Original Sold)

I feel, Purple Hair Mermaid (commissioned), Blue Mermaid (sold), Strange Bird

What is Beyond, Lip Abstract, Red, Circle Abstract

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